Our 5 Top Picks on Hookah Sets

The Hookah scene is a fun way to socialize and relax while enjoying delightfully flavored tobacco products. But going out to a hookah lounge can be pricey and they can be overcrowded and noisy meaning that your relaxing evening isn’t as laid back as you’d like it to be. If you are looking for a great Hookah for home use, we’ve got you covered with this list of the 5 best hookahs for you to choose from!

1) Lit Premium Glass Hookah

If a sleek, modern design is among the important factors in choosing a Hookah for your home, then look no further than this beauty. The attractive hourglass shape, all glass body and chrome colored accessories make it a modern piece of art. With multiple stems for additional hoses it makes for a great social piece. Though it only comes with one hose, that hose is made from top notch food grade silicone for the best tasting smoking experience available. The Lit Premium Glass Hookah gives you a smooth smoke time after time, and is extraordinarily simple to clean, making this model one of the best available for home use.

2) Khalil Mamoon World Cup Hookah

This absolute beaut is handcrafted in Egypt with stunning embellishments and a seductive body shape. It’s built in ice catcher cools smoke down for a pleasurable experience. Though it only has the capacity for a single hose, you will still want to show it off to friends simply for its attractive visual qualities. Easy to clean and disassemble, the Khalil Mamoon World Cup model would be a perfect choice for your home Hookah needs.

3) Oduman N5 VS Oduman N1 Glass Hookah

This Turkish made Hookah has a sleek, modern design and is made for social circles. With multi-hose capacity, you’ll be able to share the love with this one, and it will no doubt make for a great conversation piece at your next get together. All glass and stainless steel, this model is easy to clean and will stand the test of time. Smooth smoke that tastes great due to the high quality food grade silicone hose is a guarantee with the Oduman N5. Give her a try and you’ll see why this model is used in major Hookah lounges all throughout Turkey.

4) Luxx Handmade Premium Borosilicate All Glass Hookah

The name Luxx says it all- this one is luxurious in look and use. Sleek glass design makes it easy to clean and lovely to look at, this gorgeous model is handmade with thick, durable glass making it perfect for everyday use. High quality at an absolute bargain of a price, the Luxx will not disappoint.

5) Pharaoh’s Queen B All Glass Hookah

A blend of modern and traditional aesthetic, this Egyptian style Hookah is all glass with a beautiful shape. Set up for multiple hose use, this model makes for an excellent social smoke. A little bit more difficult to clean, the great price and awesome design on the Pharaoh Queen B earn it a spot on the Top 5 list.