Our 5 Top Picks on Hookah Coals

In case you’re a beginner to the hookah scene, in a hookah or shisha, the ‘coals’ serve to heat the tobacco, so that smoke can be produced. Generally, hookah coals play an integral role in order to create a smooth smoking experience. They also come in a variety of types, with some being quicker to burn than others, while others act as a more stable source of heat than some of their counterparts. Naturally, they come in various sizes and shapes, which all have an impact on the users experience, so, to that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best reviewed hookah coals on available today!

These are, in our opinion, the singular best hookah coals on the market. These are natural charcoals that burn extremely smooth and last a very long time. We had a hookah running for up to two and a half hours with just two Coco Nara charcoals. Moreover, these coals also do an extremely good job of masking any burning flavor from the coals, resulting in a smooth and clean smoking experience. They come in other flavors that and offer you a variety of choices, but we recommend the standard Coco Nara Charcoals for the best smoking experience possible!

Much like Coco Nara Coals, these are also produced by carbonizing the outer shell of a coconut. This results in a cleaner, more sustainable, accessible and affordable product that we can’t recommend enough! Coco Ala shells can also be lit on a stovetop and are extremely capable of masking any unwanted flavors or smells. Moreover, they come in large sizes, so this might be the option for you in case you have a very big shisha. Finally, they come rubbed with dry briquette, giving them a smoother burn! Overall, we highly recommend Coco Ala coals for large groups, parties and bigger get togethers!

While Coconut Shell Charcoals might seem to be the rage at the moment, we’ve also found a set of traditional, quick-light coals that work wonderfully well. Voodoo Hookah Coals are extremely quick to light, hold the heat well and do not burn too quickly or too slowly. In fact, I found them to burn at just the right pace. There is a bit of a double edged sword with Voodoo coals though – They come in very small sizes. This makes them excellent for portable or small hookah units, but, are very inefficient for bigger gatherings, so we recommend picking these up if you’re in the market for an extremely convenient set of hookah coals!

Many coal makers claim that their products are odorless, but, from my experience, I’ve found that to be true only in the case of Sunlight charcoals. These quick-light coals come in packages of 100 and are built to last anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. They are small and conveniently packaged and truly live up to the odorless billing! These are the only coals I’ve tried that truly give off no burning scent and are absolutely perfect for quick, relaxing sessions with your hookah! We strongly recommend these if you’re constantly in and out of your residence and are looking for something to sustain your smoking experience through the small breaks you get!

Last but not least, we’ve found an organic option that is sure to make you smile! With Ecocha coals, you’ll do your bit to save the environment, as well as improve your smoking experience! Like many other coconut based coals, Ecocha coals burn slowly, come in different sizes for different occasions and add a nice tinge of flavor to your hookah. That being said, the differentiating feature of Ecocha coals is that they are designed ot leave as little ash as possible – the ash left behind is heavier compared to other coals, as well as being much lower in quantity. This prevents your household from getting messy and ash from spreading everywhere, making it the perfect choice for household use!


So, there you have it – the 5 best reviewed hookah coals available on the market! We’ve gone through an exhaustive list of hookah coals and experimented to find the products that worked best for us! All of them have their own little quirks and features, so we recommend trying them out to see what works best for you!